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[FD3S RX7] APEX'i PowerFC Commander Mount

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The APEX'i PowerFC ECU is a popular choice among FD RX-7 owners for its affordability, proven track record, and convenience. The Commander handheld tuner is a valuable tool that allows users to monitor their car's vitals at a glance. However, there has not been a good way to mount the Commander - until now.

We have developed a 3D printed design that perfectly holds the APEX'i Commander in the third gen RX-7. Our design allows for easy access to all the Commander buttons while providing a secure hold. The mount slots into the cigarette lighter, which puts the Commander's screen in perfect view from the driver's seat. The Commander is discreetly mounted, allowing for a full visual of all gauges without compromising the original interior trim of the FD RX-7.

Our unique mounting solution is easy to install and requires no cutting, drilling, or trimming. Simply slip your Commander into the mount and plug it into the cigarette lighter to enjoy a perfectly visible screen. Upgrade your FD RX-7 with our 3D printed Commander mount today.

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