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Code Red Performance

[FD3S RX7] 3rd Brake Light Trim Kit

[FD3S RX7] 3rd Brake Light Trim Kit

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Overtime the plastic retaining clips wear out and become brittle from years of use. Inevitably leading to a tab breaking or just not functioning as it should. This is the case with the 3rd brake light retaining clips. The OEM clips have delicate hinges which eventually wear out leading to the retainer not aligning properly.

These 3D printed clips have been redesigned to no longer include the weak hinges and are now one solid piece of plastic. As with all of the Code Red Performance 3D printed products they are printed out of durable ASA filament. These retaining clips are also printed at 100% infill so that they are a solid piece of plastic and will outlast the OEM injection molded clips.

The kit comes with 4 3D printed retaining clips and 4 black headed screws.

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