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[FD3S RX7] Transmission Inspection Covers

[FD3S RX7] Transmission Inspection Covers

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It seems like everyday more and more parts for the FD RX-7 are becoming discontinued. One of these discontinued parts are the manual transmission inspection covers, also known as, peep hole covers. As the name suggests, these covers cover holes in the transmission bell housing that are used to inspect the clutch and flywheel. Without these covers debris from the road can freely enter the bell housing and severely damage the clutch, flywheel, or pleasure plate. The issue is that these covers are no longer available, so if you are missing one there is not much you can do.

Thankfully we have come out with our direct replacement covers. All of our cover plates bolt right in place of the factory covers with no drilling or cutting required. The covers also come with brand new zinc plated M6 flange bolts. This way you do not have to find your own hardware if its missing or have to reuse old crusty bolts.

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