Code Red Performance - CRP-52-DBL

[FD3S RX7] Center Dash Gauge Pod

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As the FD RX-7 interior gets older and discontinued it has become more and more expensive to replace. Thankfully, the A-pillar trim is still available new, for now at least. Though, inevitably it is going to become discontinued, so why would you cut it up and drill holes to mount a pillar gauge? As with all the Code Red Performance products there is no cutting, drilling, or hacking needed.

We are happy to release our brand-new Center Dash Gauge Pods! These two-part designs clip right into tweeter speaker cover in the center of the dashboard. No cutting or drilling is required, everything fits just like a factory part would. Our unique design features a slotted mounting base that allows for up to 15° of adjustment either horizontal direction. This allows you to angle the gauge pod perfectly to match your seating position, and even better yet allows for use in both LHD and RHD cars with just one gauge pod.


  • 52mm and 60mm
  • Double or Triple gauge pod variant
  • 94+ OEM Textured Finish or 3D Printed Raw Finish

Technical Details:

  • 40mm depth to allow for most mechanical gauges
    • Custom depths are available, please contact us before ordering
  • Made from PETG
  • 94+ OEM Textured Finish is achieved by painting with SEM texture and satin trim paint to match the factory interior plastics as best as possible.