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Code Red Performance

Jiko-Shiki Style License Plate

Jiko-Shiki Style License Plate

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Introducing the ultimate accessory for car enthusiasts: Jiko-Shiki style Japanese illuminated license plates from Code Red Performance. Made of high-quality acrylic with integrated LEDs and a custom silicone license plate frame, these plates are both durable and striking.

For a realistic look, we've used the Japanese license plate size and hole location. However, if your bumper only has mounts for a US license plate, you will need an adapter bracket.

What sets our Jiko-Shiki license plates apart from traditional Japanese plates is the cut-out characters and numbers, filled with green plastic. When powered with 12v our Jiko-Shiki illuminated license plate appears to glow as the light shines through the green plastic. With built-in LEDs, no additional parts are needed – simply wire the plate to a 12v positive and ground.

Order now and add some attitude to your ride with our unique Jiko-Shiki style license plates. Don't wait – we only have a limited number of plates at this time. Order now and add some Japanese style to your ride.


All of our Jiko-Shiki style JDM license plates are made of plastic and to help protect them in shipping there is a peelable film on the top layer. This is only intended to be used as protection during shipping and should be removed before installation for best quality.

Please note that our license plates are for off-road/show use only and are not street legal.

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