Welcome to Code Red Performance

We are constantly updating our supply with the latest and greatest that automotive industry has to offer. We hope you check out our expansive inventory of aftermarket car products, and we're sure you'll find the part you're looking for. If you cannot seem to find the correct part please contact us and we'll do everything in our power to obtain the part you're looking for.

Here at Code Red Performance our goal is to provide the best customer service. As well as offer more aftermarket car products in one location than any other store. This means that we're here to help answer any questions aboutparts, order status, or even navigating out website. We're trying to be as transparent in our ordering process as we possible can be so that we can take the guess work out of ordering online, and remember if there's an automotive product that we don't have listed that you're interested in please let us know. We'll gladly contact the manufacturer an express how our comunity has an interest in their aftermarket products.

Not only is it our goal to provide a wide selection in aftermarket automotive parts, but to also provide unique parts. We allow our users to request aftermarket parts from any and all companies they can think of. We personally contact these companies on your behalf in an attempt to get the products you requested into our store. When we're able to get the auto part you were interested in we'll contact you with a promo code to supply you with a nice discount on the product you requested.