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[FD3S RX7] Door Lock Dust Cover Kit

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After years of baking in the sun, locking, and unlocking the door lock dust covers are bound to fail. Sadly however the OEM plastic dust flaps have been discontinued for over 10 years now.

That's where we can help! We've designed a model in order to 3D print a replacement plastic flap. At the same time we contacted a few manufacturers that were able to produce the other parts of the kit as well as metal flaps.

We're happy to announce two options for replacement door lock dust cover kits!

  • Metal
  • Metal & Plastic

The dust flaps being made out of metal means that they will last the lifetime of the door lock. While the plastic offers the transparency needed for the driver side door lock light to shine through as seen below.

DIY: Led door lock light - - Mazda RX7 Forum

Kits include the following parts:

  • 2x - Metal Dust Flaps
    • 2x - Plastic Dust Flaps (Metal & Plastic Kit ONLY)
  • 2x - Black Metal Retainer Rings
  • 2x - Springs