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[FD3S RX7] Mirror Switch Retainer

[FD3S RX7] Mirror Switch Retainer

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The long awaited follow up to our mirror switch clip replacement. After months of trying to get an accurate way to 3D print the entire mirror switch clip we scrapped the entire thing and started from scratch.

The new design no longer replaces the entire switch but instead is a newly designed retaining mechanism. This allows for the switch to function just as it did from the factory since all that is changed is how the switch mounts.

How to install the new FD RX-7 Mirror Switch Retainer:

  1. Fully remove the driver side door card
  2. Pop the mirror switch out of the door card
  3. Using a set of flush cutters trim the OEM mounting clip arms so that they are flush with the switch body
  4. Insert the trimmed mirror switch into the door card
  5. Slip the C clip over the switch until you hear it click into place (this will only fit on one way)
  6. Thread the knurled ring onto the back, with the flange facing the door card, until it is snug against the back of the door card
  7. Reinstall the door card
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