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[ROTARY] NGK Spark Plug Kit

[ROTARY] NGK Spark Plug Kit

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Surface gap plugs are nearly immune to pre-ignition, and usually require a special high energy ignition system. They can be susceptible to fouling, especially in colder applications, but may be necessary in high compression applications.
  • Trivalent metal plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
  • Corrugated ribs prevent flashover
  • Pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator, provides superior strength and better heat transfer
  • Copper core aids in heat removal
  • Triple seals prevent leakage

We currently offer two different spark plug kits for the FD3S RX7:

  • OEM Spec
    • 2x BUR7EQP
    • 2x BUR9EQP
  • All 9s
    • 4x BUR9EQP
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