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Code Red Performance

[FD3S RX7] Glass Sunroof Cover

[FD3S RX7] Glass Sunroof Cover

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Say goodbye to bright, sunny days ruining your ride with our Code Red Performance Glass Sunroof Cover for Mazda FD3S RX-7. Our sunroof cover is designed to fit seamlessly into the OEM Mazda location and operates just like the original cover. No cutting or drilling required!

Our sunroof cover is made from 6mm thick ABS material and features 3D printed brackets for a secure fit. The front tabs easily slide into place, while the rear spring-loaded brackets latch into the OEM retainers. Your sunroof will still operate normally, allowing you to open and close it as needed.

Mazda no longer produces the glass sunroof cover, making it difficult to find a replacement. But with our sunroof cover, you can enjoy the benefits of a glass sunroof without the hassle. It comes fully assembled and can be installed in seconds. Just be sure to read through our detailed installation guide before starting: Installation Guide.

Upgrade your Mazda FD3S RX-7 with our Code Red Performance Glass Sunroof Cover and enjoy sun-free rides all year long.

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